SQL Saturday Chattanooga 2016

On Saturday June 25th, 2016 at the campus of UT Chattanooga the local SQL Server User group (SPOC) help their annual training event for the area.
This was a great even and the venue was a really great setting to take a day and get some knowledge related SQL Server and all the new features of 2016. The sessions I attended were as follows:
Using SQL server data tools 2015
16 enhancements for SQL Server 2016 (@SQLCowBell) Robert Verell
Connecting Power BI to On-Prem data with SSAS (AirborneGeek)
MS BI 2016 – More love for your data(TameraClark)
Perceptual Intelligence with Cortana Analytics
Keys to successful SharePoint Administration for the DBA

How’s this for an intimidating venue to present in? 🙂 Kudos to all the speakers who tackled this one:

The sessions were great and really enjoyed all of the sessions given. Thanks to all the presenters and volunteers who put this event on! If you’ve never attended one of these events, head over to SQLPASS.org


SQL Saturday 89 Summary


Well, well, well. another year has come and gone so it seems and it’s time to head to SQL Saturday again. I am psyched because last year after going to SQL Saturday in Nashville I began doing a lot more in the areas of Blogging, Twitter, and the SQL community itself. It was good to be going back for another event to get some good free training and networking.

First talk of the day was a new area that I need to get up to speed on named SQL “”Denali” AlwaysOn High Availability Solutions given by Geoff Hiten (Blog|Twitter). The demo of failover and other features makes me glad that we are already looking at moving to Denali when it is released next year! The clustering features alone are making me drool…

The next session that I went to was given by Kevin Kline (Blog|Twitter) titled Top 10 Admin Mistakes on SQL Server. Wow, Kevin is definitely one of the pros at giving presentations. Being one of the founders of PASS and a long time blogger and author he gave some great advice through this presentation. If you have a chance to see Kevin speak at an upcoming event, it will be hilarious and educational at the same time.

During nomnom time we kicked back and heard a good talk from Dean Richards (Profile) and the folks at Confio showing us how to Light the Fire on Database Performance using a product called Ignite8. The demo was impressive and looked like the software gave a lot of finely detailed information about how to diagnose and monitor the SQL servers in your environment. Cool stuff!

Next was a very good and developer focused talk that I was a little hesitant about attending at first titled Storing BLOB’s in SQL Server using FILESTREAM given by Sven Aelterman (Blog|Twitter). This talk went over my head a little, but gave me a better appreciation of what is going on in the background of SQL Server when you start to use FILESTREAM in SQL for storage.

My second favorite session of the day was given by Mark Tabladillo (Blog|Twitter) called Social Marketing 2011 for Microsoft Professionals. This session was almost like a round table discussion in that Mark went over some tips and tricks for how to best market yourself as a professional. The best part of the discussion was hearing about what other people in the room were doing to create their own networking circles.

Finally for the end of the day I went to Stupid PowerShell Tricks given by Jim Christopher (Blog|Twitter). I enjoyed this most of all just for the sheer enjoyment of it. It was taking something useful like PowerShell and making it do weird, crazy stuff. I cant do it justice, but I can put in the link that Jim gives to sum up the session:


BTW, thanks Jim, you were the only speaker I went to that posted slides or a summary of the presentation.Many thanks!

All in all a great time to be had and another SQL Saturday under the belt. Looking back I want to thank all the folks who put this on and give up a Saturday to put this event together and provide the people who attend with a great place to attend and good content to stoke the fires of curiosity with.