Hey everybody! Come out and join me for lunch and SharePoint

It finally happened. I am taking the plunge and agreed to do my first user group presentation. Believe you me, I am just as nervous thinking about it as you are. But I am also very excited at the opportunity.

I will be presenting “SharePoint Campfire Stories” on September 23rd from 11:30am until 1pm at the Small Business Development Center. Come on out and let’s share funny, sad, and maybe even interesting things I have run across in my 6 years as a SharePoint admin.

There will be something for everyone here. I will try to cover things that can help beginners new to SharePoint as well as those of us who have a few battle scars in the war of SharePoint.

My general outline will be on general gotchas and other fun and interesting experiences that I have seen while installing, maintaining, and of course patching and maintaining SharePoint from old versions like Wssv2, all the way up to SharePoint 2013.

Everyone is in for a treat because I recently finished a migration for SharePoint 2013 Foundations that I have some tips to share as well.

Go here for a signup


If you have any questions, feel free to let me know through the comments below or send me a tweet @bjfentress.

Thanks and see you there!