Site Locks…always check for them

This week I had an interesting stuation happen to me and I thought I would share it so if anyone else runs across it they may not bang their heads up against the wall too many times like I did.

I had a 2007 site I was converting to 2010, but I needed to make sure that no one would try to update anything on the site while i was trying to convert it to the new 2010 version.

Enter site locks. These handy little things are normally automatic once you get ready to do a conversion or backup. What they so is set a site collection to read only so that any other actions can be performed on them and the content isnt able to be modified. Which makes sense when your trying to do a conversion or backup or other change.

My only problem was forgetting that i had run the stsadm command on this to make the site read only.When I did my backup and conversion I brought my converted site over to 2010, but I couldnt do anything to it. I needed to add some new permissions to it, but I couldn’t do anything.

Oh yeah the site lock <face palm> after then releasing the site lock I was able to add the new permissions I needed. A good summary of this in 2010 can be found over at technet here.

Enjoy! 🙂