How to create a demo Office 365 environment with data

How do you go about learning about Office 365 if you don’t have access to it? That’s a great question and one that I personally have tried to figure out without having to pay any money. I am of the opinion that if something is worth learning, then there should be free ways to go […]

AutoLab to create quick test labs

One of the best way to learn how to do things in the field of technology is to actually get your hands dirty and practice doing something. That’s one method I have followed for years and has helped me learn most of what I know today. One way that helps do this is with creating […]

SharePoint resources for demos

Today’s post I thought I would include in order to find anything needed to create a working demo of SharePoint locally. Nowadays,  Azure or other cloud providers make this much easier, but if you want more control you can spin up your own locally. Windows Server 2019 (still beta as of now) 2016 […]