Add .csv image to SharePoint 2010

As I was researching for a way to do this I ran across several blogs that told me how to add an image for a .csv icon to show up under SharePoint 2010.

Here’s one that I really liked:

(Dave Coleman is awesome BTW)

Which the process here can pretty much be copied with any file extension type you want to connect with any other icon. Dave does a great job explaining this.

So I was originally looking for a way to map the .csv icon here to map to the icon that normal shows up when you save a .csv under excel.

I found out (to my surprise) that if you look under the images folder at:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\IMAGES

There actually is an image of a .csv (csv16.gif) there, it’s just not associated with anything.

So in order to hook this bad boy up to SharePoint we need to go into:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\XML

and add:

<Mapping Key="csv" Value="csv16.gif" OpenControl=""/>

under the heading <ByExtension> and directly under the entry:

<Mapping Key="css" Value="iccss.gif" OpenControl=""/>

Then do an IIS Reset and upload a .csv file to test it out and see if it works. I have confirmed that this file does exist for both Foundations and SharePoint Server 2010.

Enjoy and happy SharePointing


Looking back…Looking forward

I know, I know.

Doing a year in review post when January is almost over seems kind of lame. Regardless, this post falls in line with a few of things I have done in 2010 and also ties into things that I want to do more in 2011. 2010 was a great year for me professionally. I was able to put my first SharePoint installation into production back in February 2010. It was a SharePoint Server 2007 instance with all the bells and whistles activated. This was the completion of work that started simply as research back in August of 2008. it was very satisfying to see this come to fruition.

The main reason I used the past tense with this is because the 2007 install didn’t last long. In August 2010, we upgraded all of our sites and our Business Intelligence rollout to a full blown SharePoint Server 2010 instance. I am still amazed at how much of an improvement that Microsoft has made in this new version from the 2007 version and I continue to learn new things about it every day.

In October and November I was fortunate enough to get enrolled at Dale Carnegie training at work. While in this I was able to meet a fantastic group of people and share many details about myself and learned that in order to communicate better, I needed t be myself more often. That may sound corny, but it worked and I was fortunate enough to be chosen by my peers to win the Dale Carnegie Excellence award.I was floored and very humbled to be chosen for it. I hear this award is the only thing that Warren Buffett has hung up in his office, so that makes it seem to me even more special.

So onto 2011. The year looks ripe with opportunities. I want to continue to make myself better each day so here are a few areas I want to improve on in 2011:

1. Blogging – yes, mainly why this post is so late. I want to write more in this new year to improve my communication skills. I also want to write more technically based articles and maybe even try to get published as well.

2. Speaking – I want to try and speak either at a user group or other technical gathering at least twice this year. I have one opportunity coming up soon and I hope to do another one as well this year. I would also like to make one of these engagements possibly a training event where I could train users on SharePoint or another topic I am familiar with.

3. Training/Certification – last year was good, but I did not meet my goal of trying for a certification and passing. So this year I want to not just go to training, but make it count by getting some more abbreviations to add to the end of my title… Smile

I think that’s a good place to start and are good solid specific goals that I can look back on and make sure that throughout this year I stick to.

So onward and upward…

Site Locks…always check for them

This week I had an interesting stuation happen to me and I thought I would share it so if anyone else runs across it they may not bang their heads up against the wall too many times like I did.

I had a 2007 site I was converting to 2010, but I needed to make sure that no one would try to update anything on the site while i was trying to convert it to the new 2010 version.

Enter site locks. These handy little things are normally automatic once you get ready to do a conversion or backup. What they so is set a site collection to read only so that any other actions can be performed on them and the content isnt able to be modified. Which makes sense when your trying to do a conversion or backup or other change.

My only problem was forgetting that i had run the stsadm command on this to make the site read only.When I did my backup and conversion I brought my converted site over to 2010, but I couldnt do anything to it. I needed to add some new permissions to it, but I couldn’t do anything.

Oh yeah the site lock <face palm> after then releasing the site lock I was able to add the new permissions I needed. A good summary of this in 2010 can be found over at technet here.

Enjoy! 🙂

Help! I lost my config menu in Hyper-V!!??

If you are like me and recently trying out the new version of Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V everything was working great. I like the command line interface and the ability to log in and configure things about the server from a very low level without having to install all other kinds of “features” in the operating system.

That is until one day I came in and logged in and all I found was a black command line and a blinking cursor. Before I panicked i did some research (ie. googling) and found out that if you do lose this screen it can be easily brought back up from the command line by typing:

sconfig.cmd and then pressing enter…

After that, you are back and are able to configure your Hyper-V machine locally!!! 🙂


Hope this helps clear the confusion. After I originally read the first technet article at

I missed this originally and was lost. Enjoy!

October CU SharePoint 2010 – Danger Will Robinson!

Lately I have not had a chance to stay on top of the updates that are getting released in SharePoint, but I definitely wanted to let everyone know about the following issue related to the October Cumulative Update.

You can read more about on the SharePoint Team Blog here:

Several users have reported that it causes issues with the User Profile Synchronization in 2010. So take heed! If you have applied this, beware!!

For those of you currently on 2007, there does not seem to be any issues with the CU at this time.

Ready, Set, Go!!

Indeed. Today is a great day! I plan on writing technical articles and trying to share my knowledge that I run across in work and through others in my daily life. The focus of this blog will be professional in nature, but we may steer into the strange and unusual every now and then.

Next I plan on making a sort of vision statement as my next post. So stay tuned for all the techy goodness. The FDA requires at least 8 servings of technology a day, so let’s get to stocking up!!