2017 Roundup

Wow, it’s funny how each year as I begin to write one of these posts, it seems like the year goes by faster and faster. This year was definitely no exception. I didn’t do as much travelling this year as the previous year, but stayed just as busy with work and other things as well.

This year I travelled to:
Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
Detroit, MI (only for a few hours)
Orange Beach, AL (witnessed my first hurricane)
Chicago, IL
Aurora, IL
Decatur, IL

I had a wonderful time at Ignite 2017 in Orlando this year and got to meet some of my personal SharePoint heroes of all time and finally tell them how much I appreciated all the content and sharing they do for folks like me who try to soak up every word that is published.

On the certification front, I haven’t passed another MS exam as of yet (need to get back to studying for 70-346), but I was able to work on my Nintex skills from the Nintex Learning Center and pass a course on Nintex Workflows Admin as well as Nintex Forms Professional as well. So I am happy to keep learning this while pushing myself to stay current with Office 365.

In the coming year the release of the next version of SharePoint and the increase of Office 365 will definitely not be boring. I predict people will continue to be drawn to this service because of all the value that they can get out of it.

I was able to attend SharePoint Saturday in Atlanta earlier this year, and it was nice to get back to a local event and see more great content and learn what is going on from users locally with SharePoint and Office 365 as well. I think Flow and PowerApps will definitely be the creators of a lot of business value in the coming months and years for businesses.

Finally, I was able to reach a milestone this year for this blog! With this post, I will have blogged at least once a month for the entire year! I don’t know how some people that do this multiple times a month do it, but from someone that reads a bunch of them daily, I thank you! 🙂

Thanks for reading my chicken scratch and I hope these posts have benefitted you in some way, shape, or form! Have a great 2018 everyone!



More zeros in correlation id from web parts

Happy Friday everyone! I quickly wanted to let everyone know about a situation I ran across this week.

I was helping put some new web parts into our dev site but for some reason they both showed errors with all zeros in correlation id in the error details.

I did some investigative research on my dev box and it turns out this was due to a corrupt search index… and an almost full C: drive.

After clearing out a bunch of logs this helped with the space issue. The corrupt index wasn’t to bad either. I just had to go in and clear the config cache of SharePoint and then reset my search index. Finally as a last step, I ran a full crawl.

After doing all that cleanup, the webparts seemed to function fine. Lesson learned for me.

I hope this helps anyone that runs across this again in the future.



MS Ignite 2017 Day 2

Excellent day of presentations and more content than my brain could hold. All sessions are linked to content over at the Microsoft Technical Community site.


BRK2814 – Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive

Link to slides and video for session

SP 2019 and office demo next year 2018 May and released EOY 2018.

New SharePoint conference in Vegas May 2018


BRK3071 – Get an overview of MS Teams architecture

Lots of developery stuff and conceptual stuff

They laid out stuff that I didn’t really understand

It was interesting to hear how the different functions of teams worked behind the scenes in order to run all different parts of the service.


BRK1053 – MS Office 365 adoption user group meetup

http://bit.ly/O365AUGChiMU October 5th meeting

Collab 365 conference November 1st

December 5-8 SharePoint Fest http://www.sharepointfest.com

Jeff Fried – BA Insights Did 2010 and 2013 on premises search for MS previously


BRK2207-Inform and engage employees with SharePoint communication sites and news

Lots of great ideas

Hub sites introduction

Web parts demo in both Android and iOS

Great roadmap for the future features

Ability to move sites in and out of other hubs

Better image handling and image modifying inside the editing view of a page


BRK2224– Transform business process with SharePoint, PowerApps, and Flow for biz apps, forms, and automation

End of 5K list Limit

Column custom formatting by using JSON code

Auto created indexes on lists columns

Power Apps improvements: Make changes in all view, edit, and new formats in one place

Theme’s available to apply that are the same as your SharePoint Site theme

New Rules section in power apps (just like InfoPath)

Also created a save and publish format for similar InfoPath functionality

New options in forms settings to set the default form with Power Apps?

Power Apps web part coming end of this year for SP Online

Flow enhancements: Flow Launch Panel that prompt users for information inside the Flow before it executes running as the current user

Also there will be an out of the box send for review Flow that will send approval to built-in manager value

Microsoft Forms – Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, Information Gathering is the main uses for this

For advanced stuff there is Power Apps

Nascar Demo from all different features O365


THR2056 – Beyond deployment: How IT can inspire, motivate, and drive sustainable adoption

Nintex Learning site and exams

Today I wanted to let everyone know about a great resource that I recently came across and have benefitted tremendously from. In my current day-to-day work I do quite a bit of work converting InfoPath and older forms to Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflows, and I recently learned about a great website that the company has to offer training to users who want to take their knowledge to the next level and be recognized for it.

The site is https://learning.nintex.com

If you go there, you will need to create an account to sign up, but once you do, they offer you a set of training materials (videos, ect.) that you can view to get the basics down for learning Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflows.
Also if you are like me and have to maintain an installation of these products, they also offer an admin course on the things to learn to install and setup this product in you SharePoint farm as well!
Each course you take will build on the knowledge of the last so you can increase your understanding of the product better, but the best thing of all is when you complete the course videos, you then become eligible to take a test over the content you just studied.
If you are lucky enough to pass the test, you are officially recognized with a certificate of passing the course (see my examples below)

Nintex Workflow Pro Certificate

Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate

Update 12/04/2017: Recently Nintex has updated their training site to reflect a newer look and feel, so if you haven’t check it out in a while, I encourage you to take a look at it again!

Correcting or Improving a view filter in SharePoint

Side Note: I verified this setting in SharePoint 2016, 2013, and SharePoint Online

If you have a view of a webpart or other view in general that you are using filters on, there comes a time when you might find out that you can improve or modify a filter on a view by changing the columns that are filtered by.

In my case I had the following filters on a view:

What wasn’t clear to me at the time was how to remove the filter clause at the top of the list without having to rearrange everything I had already set up.

I’ve been working with SharePoint for a while now so I thought originally all you had to do was remove it somehow, but that wasn’t right in front of me.

I quickly figured out that if you just set the column to “None” and then also clear out the value at the top and click okay it actually removed all of my other filter choices. (No Bueno)

Luckily I had memorized my filter choices at this point since I was changing the view on 8 other views with the same filter choices.

My question is why isn’t this process easier to figure out?

I would think by putting an ‘X’ to the right of the filter option, this would be able to let the user know that they could remove this filter choice if needed or desired see below:

So I did what lots of Microsoft folks I spoke to last week at Ignite told me to do. Go and create an option in uservoice about it and upvote it:


So if you like this, please click on the link and help upvote this to get it to the product team.



MS Ignite 2016 Day 3

Todays theme: more talks, lots of good information 

Today was a jam packed sprint through so many sessions that I hope my One Note doesn’t blow up so I miss all the great things that were said and shown in the following sessions:

Discover what’s new and what’s coming with SharePoint Modern Team sites

Presented by: Jeremy Mazner

Loved this session mainly due to all the new features that were being shown in what is coming for new team sites in SPO. Things like the new document library interface, the ability to download multiple files in a zip format from the web, Pinning docs to the top to keep topics in front of users, and many other little things that make the new SPO look more professional I think.

There was also a quick demo of a Power App used to submit sales promo ideas with both a mobile and online interface. Very slick! I’m going to have to see if our tenant is on first release so we can start playing around with some of these new features.

Use Business Intelligence for process management

Presented by: Scott Elmers

This quick 20 minutes talk was a great discussion and demo of how Visio 2016 can be used to link data to things like org charts or other business related flows of information to show data based on certain colors or values of data that are pulled in from other sources. Scott gave some great examples and said pretty much any kind or source of data can be pulled from.

Ultimate Field guide to Office 365 groups

Presented by: Ben Naulin and Tony

I have to admit, that I know very little about O365 groups. After this talk though, I think I know more about them, but it almost seems like with the new features and functionality being added to groups now, it’s even harder to quantify what they do. I think I understand that MS want Groups to be containers for users to access resources within O365, but since it’s not similar across products in the cloud, it’s difficult to say that these are ready to start being used to their full functionality. Great talk though and lots of good info given, but I think Groups still need to be fleshed out and integrated more.

Pick the right Tool – O365: What to use When

Presented by: Michael Blumenthal

This quick 20 minute talk was a good strait forward talk on what tool in the MS cloud is best for what role. Things like communicating with users, but not spamming them and how to have developed discussions were used to link to things like Office Groups, Yammer, and SharePoint Online.

Learn 3 essential tips for user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365

Presented by: Susan Hanley

This was also another quick talk displaying some good ideas on how to bring users to SharePoint. They were:

Tip One: Solve a critical problem for the user with the solution

Tip two: Don’t ignore training, provide it in context of the scenario

Tip Three: Get some help. Leaders model behavior

Great talk and I wish this could have been a longer discussion, because it speaks to business problems, not technological ones.

Learn best practices for managing and administering SharePoint Online and One Drive for business

Presented by: Chris Bortlik

Of all the session that I saw today, this one had the most demos of the O365 and SharePoint 2016 content. Lots of good stuff and so much I could barely keep up. I think I’m going to go back and watch this session recorded later because there was so much good content.

Get the most out of the new Microsoft SharePoint

Presented by: Laura Rogers and Adam Hartmetz

Very good discussion on how to link business problems to technology problems. Laura and Adam also gave a good breakdown about how to recruit users in your organization to assist in developing talent and buy in from other users in your company. Some good demos of content and sites functions were given along with good Power Apps and Flow examples as well.

Best practices when migrating ECM Content to Microsoft SharePoint Server and O365

Presented by: Chris Givens

Great quick talk on the steps to think about when moving a lot of content into SharePoint that used to be in older or out of date content stores. Also gave vendor neutral ideas for solution, which is rare in a talk like this. Will have to look deeper into this. 

Wow that was another long day with great content. Tomorrow seems to be jammed packed as well.



MS Ignite 2016 Day 1

Well for the first day of ignite, I can pretty much sum it all up in one word. Wow! 

To begin the day with the keynote of the conference in an arena with 20,000 other people was truly amazing. If you would like to watch a replay of it, you can find it here:



Then from there, it’s an even more frantic day moving from session to session.


One great talk I attended was the roadmap update for SharePoint 2016 given by Jeff Teper and several other MVP’s. the link to this presentation is here:


Some great announcements coming out from this talk were for me the great ability now to do zero downtime patching in SharePoint 2016 with a 4 or even a 2 server farm. People will be able to do this with the new min role combo roles that they have coming out in November of 2016.

Another area of interest for me will be all of the new functionality and features given to Power Apps and Flow as well as more features being added to the mobile apps for SharePoint and others.

love the fact that Windows Server 2016 is now released to the public and out of tech preview! This means that everyone will now be able to bring up farms and other resources on all the 2016 products.


There were so many Azure related announcements, it made my head spin, so I will try to find a summary link and post it below.


Another highlight of the day was seeing the future of a lot of technologies in the innovation keynote. The link to that session is below:


They even brought Deon Sanders out on the stage to talk about playing fantasy football with an AI. Now that’s pretty cool.


As the videos and links to other talks become available, I will add them to this post. Now it’s time to start day 2 of ignite.





Data Sheet View doesn’t work under IE 9…

Here recently I had been working on organizing some content under SharePoint 2010 and I kept running across this error when trying to open a list or library in the datasheet view:


This was frustrating so I went to MSDN and fortunately a good discussion was done over this topic:


Thanks to Jenny E for the answer, but to recap, the solution for me was to install the 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components.

After I installed the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe file locally and exited and cleared my IE cache, it works perfectly!

I can now edit my lists and libraries in the data sheet view under IE9 x64 version.



Looking back…Looking forward

I know, I know.

Doing a year in review post when January is almost over seems kind of lame. Regardless, this post falls in line with a few of things I have done in 2010 and also ties into things that I want to do more in 2011. 2010 was a great year for me professionally. I was able to put my first SharePoint installation into production back in February 2010. It was a SharePoint Server 2007 instance with all the bells and whistles activated. This was the completion of work that started simply as research back in August of 2008. it was very satisfying to see this come to fruition.

The main reason I used the past tense with this is because the 2007 install didn’t last long. In August 2010, we upgraded all of our sites and our Business Intelligence rollout to a full blown SharePoint Server 2010 instance. I am still amazed at how much of an improvement that Microsoft has made in this new version from the 2007 version and I continue to learn new things about it every day.

In October and November I was fortunate enough to get enrolled at Dale Carnegie training at work. While in this I was able to meet a fantastic group of people and share many details about myself and learned that in order to communicate better, I needed t be myself more often. That may sound corny, but it worked and I was fortunate enough to be chosen by my peers to win the Dale Carnegie Excellence award.I was floored and very humbled to be chosen for it. I hear this award is the only thing that Warren Buffett has hung up in his office, so that makes it seem to me even more special.

So onto 2011. The year looks ripe with opportunities. I want to continue to make myself better each day so here are a few areas I want to improve on in 2011:

1. Blogging – yes, mainly why this post is so late. I want to write more in this new year to improve my communication skills. I also want to write more technically based articles and maybe even try to get published as well.

2. Speaking – I want to try and speak either at a user group or other technical gathering at least twice this year. I have one opportunity coming up soon and I hope to do another one as well this year. I would also like to make one of these engagements possibly a training event where I could train users on SharePoint or another topic I am familiar with.

3. Training/Certification – last year was good, but I did not meet my goal of trying for a certification and passing. So this year I want to not just go to training, but make it count by getting some more abbreviations to add to the end of my title… Smile

I think that’s a good place to start and are good solid specific goals that I can look back on and make sure that throughout this year I stick to.

So onward and upward…