Passing the MS-900 exam

Today I am happy to announce I was able to take and pass the MS-900 certification exam. It was a truly hard test for me that kept me guessing in several areas (mainly Exchange and the security sections), but I was able to score well enough to pass the exam.

So, the next questions is, what did I do to prepare and get to a point to pass the exam?

Let’s start with my current workload. As of now (January 2020), I am in a job role where I have been working with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 on a daily basis for about a year now. I normally don’t get too deep into the technical sides of things in certain areas, but I do focus most of my time in Azure AD and SharePoint Online.

This part is hard to prepare for unless you sign up for a developer tenant and really go in and try new things out or support an existing tenant on an ongoing basis. There was one test lab guide that I found that was a great overview on how to look at different aspects of Microsoft 365.

The link to that is here:

In the same area a great resource for new businesses to 365 to get an idea on exactly where to start in the process is here:

Another main resource I used for my time to study was the exam prep guide offered by @Microsoft365Pro here:

There are so many good resources in this website if you are starting as a beginner to get you all the details needed to pass the exam in this site. For the test there are a lot of other specific details you should dive deeper into in the source above to help round out your knowledge.

Another great resource to prepare for this exam is by Vlad Catrinescu. He has a great guide found here:

His 3 course videos on Pluralsight were great to watch to get up to speed quickly on the topic.

These can be found here:

Finally, another great resource to prep for the test is the MS-900 learning path on the MS Learn site that can be found here:

I applaud the folks who worked on this section of courses. There was great content and in certain cases they even had demo walkthroughs you could do to get more familiar with a topic. Great material here to prep for the exam with.

All in all I would say from a time perspective I committed about a good solid month of time to prep for this exam before going and taking it. It might take a shorter amount of time if you dig into a lot of advanced areas of the 365 product group or have been working on it a lot longer.

One thing to keep in mind through all of this is that you should focus on business ideas for this exam. Its not tech heavy and focuses on the overall view of services and concepts in Microsoft 365.

I hope this helps anyone trying to prepare for the test as well. If you have any luck from it, feel free to comment below.



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