PowerShell on the River 2019 #PSOTR

Lunch time crowd taking a break

On August 9th and 10th I had the wonderful privilege to attend and speak at the 2nd annual PowerShell conference in Chattanooga, TN. It was held again at the great venue of Chattanooga State Community College. It was a great event put on by @PSJamesP , @LittlejohnPSH , and a great group of folks who knocked it out of the park again this year!

Friday the all day session I attended was Advanced PowerShell Scripting WorkShop given by none other than @JeffHicks . I learned even more about best practices when building new scripts and have included my notes in my new GitHub repo here.

On Saturday, it was a busy time of multiple short 45 minute talks given by a great group of speakers:

@Schlauge -Search Event Logs Like a Boss

@JeffHicks – An Intro to Desired State Configuration

@steviecoaster – Choco for Beginners

@techTrainerTim – Git and Github: Newbie to Intermediate contributor in 45 minutes

@nocentino – Containers you better get on board

Lastly was my talk given about SharePoint Online PowerShell intro.

Links to the repo for the entire event can be found here

All my notes for my session can be found here

Once again thanks to everyone who spoke and put on this event, everyone did a great job and I look forward to next years event very very soon!

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