2017 Roundup

Wow, it’s funny how each year as I begin to write one of these posts, it seems like the year goes by faster and faster. This year was definitely no exception. I didn’t do as much travelling this year as the previous year, but stayed just as busy with work and other things as well.

This year I travelled to:
Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
Detroit, MI (only for a few hours)
Orange Beach, AL (witnessed my first hurricane)
Chicago, IL
Aurora, IL
Decatur, IL

I had a wonderful time at Ignite 2017 in Orlando this year and got to meet some of my personal SharePoint heroes of all time and finally tell them how much I appreciated all the content and sharing they do for folks like me who try to soak up every word that is published.

On the certification front, I haven’t passed another MS exam as of yet (need to get back to studying for 70-346), but I was able to work on my Nintex skills from the Nintex Learning Center and pass a course on Nintex Workflows Admin as well as Nintex Forms Professional as well. So I am happy to keep learning this while pushing myself to stay current with Office 365.

In the coming year the release of the next version of SharePoint and the increase of Office 365 will definitely not be boring. I predict people will continue to be drawn to this service because of all the value that they can get out of it.

I was able to attend SharePoint Saturday in Atlanta earlier this year, and it was nice to get back to a local event and see more great content and learn what is going on from users locally with SharePoint and Office 365 as well. I think Flow and PowerApps will definitely be the creators of a lot of business value in the coming months and years for businesses.

Finally, I was able to reach a milestone this year for this blog! With this post, I will have blogged at least once a month for the entire year! I don’t know how some people that do this multiple times a month do it, but from someone that reads a bunch of them daily, I thank you! 🙂

Thanks for reading my chicken scratch and I hope these posts have benefitted you in some way, shape, or form! Have a great 2018 everyone!



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