Nintex Learning site and exams

Today I wanted to let everyone know about a great resource that I recently came across and have benefitted tremendously from. In my current day-to-day work I do quite a bit of work converting InfoPath and older forms to Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflows, and I recently learned about a great website that the company has to offer training to users who want to take their knowledge to the next level and be recognized for it.

The site is

If you go there, you will need to create an account to sign up, but once you do, they offer you a set of training materials (videos, ect.) that you can view to get the basics down for learning Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflows.
Also if you are like me and have to maintain an installation of these products, they also offer an admin course on the things to learn to install and setup this product in you SharePoint farm as well!
Each course you take will build on the knowledge of the last so you can increase your understanding of the product better, but the best thing of all is when you complete the course videos, you then become eligible to take a test over the content you just studied.
If you are lucky enough to pass the test, you are officially recognized with a certificate of passing the course (see my examples below)

Nintex Workflow Pro Certificate

Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate

Update 12/04/2017: Recently Nintex has updated their training site to reflect a newer look and feel, so if you haven’t check it out in a while, I encourage you to take a look at it again!

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