Correcting or Improving a view filter in SharePoint

Side Note: I verified this setting in SharePoint 2016, 2013, and SharePoint Online

If you have a view of a webpart or other view in general that you are using filters on, there comes a time when you might find out that you can improve or modify a filter on a view by changing the columns that are filtered by.

In my case I had the following filters on a view:

What wasn’t clear to me at the time was how to remove the filter clause at the top of the list without having to rearrange everything I had already set up.

I’ve been working with SharePoint for a while now so I thought originally all you had to do was remove it somehow, but that wasn’t right in front of me.

I quickly figured out that if you just set the column to “None” and then also clear out the value at the top and click okay it actually removed all of my other filter choices. (No Bueno)

Luckily I had memorized my filter choices at this point since I was changing the view on 8 other views with the same filter choices.

My question is why isn’t this process easier to figure out?

I would think by putting an ‘X’ to the right of the filter option, this would be able to let the user know that they could remove this filter choice if needed or desired see below:

So I did what lots of Microsoft folks I spoke to last week at Ignite told me to do. Go and create an option in uservoice about it and upvote it:

So if you like this, please click on the link and help upvote this to get it to the product team.




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