MS Ignite 2016 Day 5

Last day, a short day. Sad that it’s over, but glad to be heading home with so much new knowledge.I’ve heard that you get the short end of the stick by having to present on the last day, but I don’t think that’s the case. Today’s presentations were great! Starting off with:

Bridge the cloud Divide with hybrid BI in SP 2016 and O365

Presented by: Chris McNulty and John White

This great talk was about when and where to use many of the BI related tools and how they transferred from on premises to the cloud. There were so many great demos of this as well as some great previews of the new items that were coming soon related to Power BI and SharePoint Online that will improve the product from where it is now. Also had a good Q and A session afterwards and on how to get the most functionality out of SSRS by using both Native Mode and Integrated mode for the new 2016 version.

How to run a successful User Group

Presented by: Jason Himmelstein

This was a great talk that I wish we could have had more time to discuss. Jason has had several different experiences running user groups in his time in his career and so he gave out some great tips on things to do to keep people interested and eager about coming to meetings.

One other great part about this topic was other people from other user groups got up to share their tips and ask questions about how to better run their groups as well. This was only a short session, but I hope that in the future it could be longer for more people to share their experiences that they had. 

Join your Windows 10 devices to Azure AD for anywhere, Anytime productivity

Presented by: Jairo Cadena

This was a good talk based on how to integrate your new Windows 10 devices into either an Azure AD solution in the cloud or with a newer Federated AD solution with the newest version of windows server. Jairo took a good time to explain the architecture involved with a solution like this as well as giving a couple of demos on how this look from a client side perspective when joining a new AAD domain and other resources as well. It was interesting to see all of the security measures that someone could use in conjunction with Windows In Tune to make sure people are joined correctly and authenticated to company resources properly.

So this ends my Ignite Journey here in Atlanta, and all I have to say is wow! This has been such a great week of learning new and exciting things that are coming from Microsoft as well as more of the commitment that they are putting into making and improving SharePoint in every facet. I would say that if you aren’t currently working with the cloud in some way, shape, or form most if not all of the things announced and show this week make it very difficult to not start moving that way. Its eve more exciting to see that those features will eventually come back in some fashion to the on premises products and that Microsoft as a company is making bridging the gap between the two even easier with many of their gateway and integration products.

If I’m lucky enough to attend next year in Orlando in 2017 I can definitely see that by that time the improvements to the products shown here will create a great mix of things that people are going to want to continue to use.

Now in order to remember all of this I’m definitely going to have to go back and watch many of the sessions again at

Also I will have to make sure and add comments and questions to the new MS Techy Community site which can be found at:



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