MS Ignite 2016 Day 4

Wow so much more content packed into one day. Here’s a short summary of the things I went to: 

Getting started with data security and compliance in SharePoint 2016

Presented by: Liam Cleary

This was a great talk on the aspects of security relating to SharePoint and the things that IT pros and other should have in mind when thinking about security as it relates to SharePoint. Liam brought up many good points as it relates to not just securing the servers of your application, but also the devices that connect to it. So much good content in this one, I will have to watch it online again soon.

Plan to drive user adoption in MS O365

Presented by: Erik Svenson

Good topic over how MS services and others can help with driving adoption and focusing on key areas to help make an implementation of O365 successful. Different aspects such as change management and user training were discussed along with different strategies on how to focus and push past any hindrances of either users or older business processes that may prevent people from adopting the resources in the cloud.

Deploy and Migration best practices for SharePoint 2016

Presented by: Jason Himmelstein and Todd Klindt

Very excellent session given by these two again over the different features and functionality when moving to the new 2016 version. This talk was different than the one on Tuesday where Jason and Todd discussed more architectural questions related to how people need to think about when moving to 2016. One big point that stuck out in my mind is with the new Min Role services and such, you shouldn’t think of a new 2016 farm in terms of your old topology. Because with Min Role, things can adapt and change as your services and resource usage change.

Another one I will have to go back and watch again online.

Learn best practices for creating and managing SharePoint site templates

Presented by: Sean Squires and Vesa Juvonen

This talk was a bit over my head, but it had great content in it. I haven’t dealt with site templates much but Sean and Vesa gave awesome examples of how to use these to benefit your users and allow self service site creation with options to your environment.

They also had someone from #M come up and give an example of how they used these site templates to go about creating a portal for their users to request new sites to be created and how to give them different options as well. I know more about this now and I am very excited to get the new things coming in Feature Pack 1 that will improve the ability for templates to be created and used going forward.

Learn from MVP’s: panel discussion on all things SharePoint

Presented by: Christian Buckley, Susan Hanley, Jason Himmelstein, Jennifer Mason, Benjamin Niaulin

This discussion was a Q and A format from these MVP’s on various questions related to SharePoint. I was excited because I was able to get one of my questions answered right away by the group on the confusing nature of permissions in O365 groups. They gave some great explanations on this and other topics that helped me understand the place where groups are trying to fit in now.

Later that evening was the Ignite Party at Centenial Park down the road. It was awesome and one of the best outdoor functions I have evr seen put on. There was so much to do and so many people around. There was music, games, food, and just about anything you can think of. All under the stars in a fun summer camp themed atmosphere.

What a way to end the week, but we still have one more day to go.



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