Woohoo! We are getting a (local) PASS Chapter!

I can barely contain myself. I found out at another user group meeting that my area is getting a local PASS chapter!


The local chapter is going to be call SQL Professional of Chattanooga (or SPOC) and our first meeting is tomorrow October 28th from 5:30pm until 7pm EST.


If you have never come out to a SQL Server User group meeting I highly encourage you to come out and get to know other people who work in your area who more than likely have the same problems and maybe even a few cool solutions to things you have been struggling with.

If you haven’t already head on over to http://sqlpass.org and read up on what is coming up.

Next week is the big PASS conference in Seattle, Washington. Head on over to http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/2014/RegisterNow.aspx to learn more about it as well. Even if you can’t go they usually stream the keynote presentations and offer all of the sessions to be purchased at a later date.