Bulk Publishing in SharePoint 2010

I ran across a situation today where I realized that I just moved over a ton of documents to a new site, but the main users of the site could not see any of the new content.

After scratching my head for a minute I did some research and found out that I had my document library settings configured to where only contributors could see minor versions of documents. Oh yeah! So for short term I enabled all readers of a site to see major and minor versions of documents in this site, but it got me thinking. What if I needed to publish a bunch of different documents in a bunch of sites quickly?

That’s is how I stumbled upon the following project on CodePlex.


What this script allows you to do is script the ability to automatically publish content you may have on SharePoint sites and sub sites that is sitting out there waiting to go live for the majority of the users on your sites.

There are various ways to shrink and expand the function of this script, but all in all I think it is very handy. The alternative for me in this case would have been going crazy after having to publish the 137th document in a row.

Thanks to YoJoshi for creating this project! I will definitely be following it.

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