Granting SharePoint 2010 contribute permissions, but with a catch…

Today I was able to help solve a nagging issue in SharePoint 2010 (only with the help of @CHR1SVAUGHN btw…) that a group of us at my work had been battling a long time with. We love giving users the ability to collaborate with SharePoint, but it then becomes a struggle to attempt to have any governance over your setup and keep a standard theme without a group of users wanting to change the look and feel of their site.

The solution we found was good, because it is (I think) simple. In order to keep the same look and feel on our sites, but allow users to collaborate, we navigate to the site collection in question (in this case a department site). Next we move into the site pages library and break permissions from the site collection and set all groups in the site collection to only be able to read this site pages library. Giving them access, but not the ability to change it.

So far it has worked like a charm and the users can contribute what they need, but they see this on the site page so we can control the look and the feel of the site:


Hopefully this will take and we can keep our sanity with the look and feel. If you have a similar story where you have done something similar, I would like to hear it. You can find me @bjfentress on twitter or leave a comment below.