SharePoint needs coffee?

When running SharePoint in your environment, I don’t know about you, but I always want it to behave like a finely tuned machine giving the best performance possible.

One thing you may not have noticed until someone mentions it to you might go something like this: “Every morning when I come in and log into SharePoint, it seems slow at first, but after that it seems much faster the rest of the day.”

Well how can we prevent this from happening? With another project on CodePlex I ran across called SPWakeUp

This project works on either WSS, MOSS, Foundations, or SharePoint Server 2010. It can be run manually or can be scheduled to run at a certain time each day (which is what I do). I am in the process now of putting it on all of my servers and once I have used it for a while I will write another follow up post describing some more of the functionality.

In the meantime, enjoy! No more first time slowness!


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