Help! I lost my config menu in Hyper-V!!??

If you are like me and recently trying out the new version of Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V everything was working great. I like the command line interface and the ability to log in and configure things about the server from a very low level without having to install all other kinds of “features” in the operating system.

That is until one day I came in and logged in and all I found was a black command line and a blinking cursor. Before I panicked i did some research (ie. googling) and found out that if you do lose this screen it can be easily brought back up from the command line by typing:

sconfig.cmd and then pressing enter…

After that, you are back and are able to configure your Hyper-V machine locally!!! 🙂


Hope this helps clear the confusion. After I originally read the first technet article at

I missed this originally and was lost. Enjoy!


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